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Galianou Panagiota | Accounting - Tax Office Mytilene

Our accounting - tax office "GALIANOU PANAGIOTA" is located in Mytilene, thanks to its long history in the field, it can offer quality services to sports clubs, clubs, NGOs and non-profit legal entities.

Our experienced accountants make sure that they always find the right solutions in every accounting and tax issue that concerns you, with professionalism and speed. At the same time, they take care of your timely information and guidance so that you are never exposed or overdue.

Our experience in the field of financial services allows us to adapt to the needs of each customer individually, in an economic environment that is constantly changing.


We are by the side of our customers, who feel safe that we can deal with every financial and tax issue together.

In our accounting office, all these years, we treat each of our customers responsibly, with honesty, seriousness and confidentiality, principles that are the foundation of each of our partnerships and are some of the reasons why they trust us and recommend us.


Keeping - Updating Revenue - Expenditure Books
Payroll taxes submission
Submission of VAT 
Pension cash flow
Execution of all tax liabilities
Staff employment advice


so as to discuss your needs and together find the ideal solutions for each
accounting and tax issue that concerns you.